Guided Through This Self-Help World

We have heard their names from friends, on social media and eventually on a morning News show. It is the name of an author or blogger with a new idea, a lifestyle change that will drag us from the 9 – 5 working day and into a new life of free time, eco friendly organic products and ultimately happiness. But where do we go from there and how do we know what to integrate into our lives?

With an interest in fitness, physical health and mental well-being I am constantly putting down one self-help book to start another. Have I finished any and started the motion of implementing their strategies? Sure. Am I half way through the rest with a world of knowledge and a daunting and enormous to-do list with no idea how to start? Definitely.

But there is no better day to start then the present.

As I work my way through my self-help books, blogs, podcasts and documentaries I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences both here and on my Instagram: live_simply25

How Did I Get Here?

Once I started reading it quickly became an addiction. It was the Princess Diaries by Megan Cabot that had me hooked! But now fiction is no longer on my list. I have a new genre and I cannot get enough of it. It is the Self Help book!

So why did I shelve my romance novels for a learning experience?

A few years ago my Fiance was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease – Churg Strauss. It was a long, horrendous process of doctors appointments and hospital visits without answers. Eventually, after a suspected heart attack and a month in a hospital bed, the rheumatologist made a diagnosis and the way we conducted our lives changed (or at least we try our best!).

Very quickly our friends and family were guiding us towards new ideas. Changes we can make to our lives to de-stress, and remove chemicals and irritants, to bring us back to the basics in the hope that it will help bring my partner into remission.

I am deep on the Self Help world . Not ready to get out because I can see the benefits it could have on my life but feeling perplexed as to how I should move forward. Realising today that I cannot move forward without taking that first step.

My goal is to start.

Eddie Woo – Australian mathematician

“Everyone is given their unique gifts and it takes time to discover what those are from your disposition, from your genetics, and from the opportunities and decisions you get given to make uniquely in your life. So be patient. It will come out. Give yourself some time. You will never know what will come around the corner and help you discover your purpose in life.”

What to do next…

I’ve been brought up in a home were knowledge is key. We finish high school and we head to university. We graduate uni and we must consider the next step – a diploma or maybe a master’s. I have taken the path or a Master’s of Accounting with CAANZ. But now I am two months from finish my last module and I am back considering… What do I do next?

For the first time I am not looking for the obvious answer. I am not seeking the clearly defined next step for the career path I chose over a decade ago. And so starts my journey of discovery. Am I happy where I am? Is there more to discover of my current career? Or am I ready to create a disturbance and ride the shockwave towards a new future.
I feel I should have an idea, if not a small inkling, of the direction I want my life to go. But I don’t. Every new thought is a new concept to consider. I am looking forward to exploring what I really want.
Discovering the me I never I knew.